Class MetaEvent


Implements interfaces:

Base class for all meta events

  • todo: Still missing meta events 0xF1-0xFE
  • abstract:
  • since: 1.0

Located in /Event/MetaEvent.php (line 25)

Direct descendents
Class Description
ChannelPrefixEvent Represents the channel prefix meta event
CopyrightNoticeEvent Represents the copyright notice meta event
CuePointEvent Represents a cue point meta event
EndOfTrackEvent Represents an end of track meta event
InstrumentNameEvent Represents an instrument name meta event
KeySignatureEvent Represents a set key signature event
LyricsEvent Represents a lyrics meta event
MarkerEvent Represents a marker meta event
SequenceNumberEvent Represents a sequence number meta event
SequencerSpecificEvent Represents a sequencer specific meta event
SetTempoEvent Represents the set tempo meta event
SmpteOffsetEvent Class SmpteOffsetEvent
TextEvent Represents a text meta event
TimeSignatureEvent Represents the set time signature meta event
TrackNameEvent Represents a track name meta event
UnknownMetaEvent Represents a meta event that is unsupported by the MIDI specification
Variable Summary
string|array $data
mixed $length
Method Summary
MetaEvent __construct ([string|array $data = null])
array getData ()
int getLength ()
int getSubtype ()
int getType ()
binary toBinary ()
string __toString ()
string|array $data (line 39)

The content of the meta event

  • access: protected
mixed $length (line 32)

The length in bytes of the data

  • access: protected
Constructor __construct (line 48)


  • since: 1.0
  • access: public
MetaEvent __construct ([string|array $data = null])
  • string|array $data

Redefined in descendants as:
getData (line 125)

Gets the data associated with this meta event

array getData ()

Implementation of:
Gets the data associated with this chunk
getLength (line 68)

Gets the length of this meta event in bytes

int getLength ()

Implementation of:
Gets the length of this chunk in bytes
getType (line 141)

Gets the event type

int getType ()

Implementation of:
Gets the event type
toBinary (line 101)

Gets the binary representation of this meta event

binary toBinary ()

Implementation of:
Gets the binary representation of this chunk
__toString (line 87)

Gets the string representation of this meta event

string __toString ()

Implementation of:
Gets the string representation of this chunk

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