November 21, 2009 11:42 PM Parse Your Own MIDI File

Now you can generate your own MIDI parse report by uploading a MIDI file using the Generate a Report link over there to the left. Once generated, you will be able to download a zip archive or just view it online. The form is limited to a 20KB file since it's a strain on both my server and my disk space.

Go ahead and try it out, or you can view/download the And We Die Young demo report.

October 24, 2009 12:47 AM 1.0 Released!

PHP MIDI Parser 1.0 has been released, along with the site dedicated to it. It's obviously total overkill, but I had fun making it.

Check out the demo page to get a feel for what this library can do. The API documentation is also available to help with using the library.

The PHP MIDI Parser library is basically set of well-defined APIs for parsing a MIDI file. It also comes with a set of output generators (textual and HTML) that display the results of a parse. Every part of the library was built with extensibility and customizability in mind, so that others could easily adapt it to their needs.

Viewing the documentation will help developers get started in using the APIs, and how everything is wired together.

Thanks for coming, and drop me a line to report bugs or if you have any questions.